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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heiða's Birthday - Stop that noise released in March 2011 on Kimi Records Label

Today is Heiða's birthday. 15 years since she performed with Unun @ the Wembley Arena.
Today Hellvar played live on the National Radio Rás 2 two songs in an acoustic set (country style): "Give me gold" and "Falsetto". Interview with Heida about getting 40, and a short chat about her musical career.
Also Hellvar's brand new song "Ding an sich" was aired @ 10:00 in the morning.

Overview of Heida's career made by Dr. Gunni:
The band Útúrdúr (Digression) was formed. Sturla Ólafs on drums, Bergur Sigurðsson on guitar Sverrir Ásmunds on bass & Heiða sings. Took part in battle competition @ Húsafell (Nýdönsk won).
Útúrdúr took part in Músíktilraunir, without success. The band recorded some songs of Rúnar Júlíusson (Geimsteinn) and the song „Glansgæjar og glimmerfés“ was broadcoasted on tv in "Annir og Appelsínur".
Heiða lived in Marseille, France. Heiða became troubador og composed songs in English for the French. Became part of the band Something Else with some French men. The band released a cassettte distributed in the area of Marseille.
Heiða was guest vocalist in the band Texas Jesús, and was supporting act as "Heiða trúbador". Was band member of Maat Mons (named after a volcano on planet Venus), with Biggi on drums (also in Vinum vors og blóma).
Worked in the summer with Something Else in France.
Member of the band Sovkhoz, recorded songs for a compilation album "Strump í fótinn". Guest vocals for Texas Jesús and performing as "Heiðu trúbador".
Dr. Gunni kidnapped Heiða out of Sovkhoz with the purpose to become singer of Unun.
Unun existed 5 years (1994-1999). The album "æ" was released in 1994 in Icelandic and one year later in English on Bad Taste USA label. EP record "Bones" was released in 1997 and singles were released on Deceptive records.
Unun did an European Tour in autumn.
Unun played @ Wembley Arena on Heiða's 25. Birthday.
Dr. Gunni made the album "Abbababb" and Heiða did some vocals.
Unun played festivals.
Unun's album "Ótta" was released. The band toured in Scandinavia. Many gigs in Finland.
First solo album of Heiða, "Svarið", was released. Album was recorded by Curver Thoroddsen. Heiðingjarnir were formed: Biggi Baldurs on drums, Sverrir Ásmunds on bass,
Elvar Geir Sævars on guitar and Heiða singing and on guitar.
Heiða pregnant.
Finished BA.
Lo-fi album "Heiða+Bukowski: Sun-Fruit-Grape-Shine" with music by Heiða and poems by Charles Bukowski was made. Heiða played guitar in the album of Dys "Island Brennur". Dys is the only band without Heiða on vocals.  Heiðingjarnir recorded the album "10 fingur upp til guð"s.
Heiða and Elvar went to Berlin and formed Hellvar.
Exhibition "Hellvar - ekki Helvar" @ Suðsuðvestur í Reykjanesbær, together with video artist Sunna Guðmundsdótti. Released 10 copies of artwork on CD and DVD. 
Hellvar released „Bat out of Hellvar“ on Kimi Records. Flosi Þorgeirsson on bass and Heiða & Elvar
on guitar.  Flosi left and Sverrir Ásmunds came on bass and Alexandra Ósk Sigurðardóttir on guitar.
Hellvar went to China and the USA. 
Gigs in Berlín and Weimar. 2010
Drummer Óli Ingólfs became member of Hellvar. A concert a Hudson, upstate New York in August. Recording the new album in December 2010 with sound engineer Aron Arnarsson.

Heiða took 3 times part in Eurovison.
In 2003 with song "Tangó".
In 2007 with "Ég og heilinn minn“ (Me and my brain) (Heiða & Dr. Gunni).
In 2008 with „Ísinn“ (Icecream) (Gunnar L. Hjálmarsson & Óli Sindri).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Afmælistónleikar - Birthday Concert Heiða @ Bakkus on Friday 28. January 2011

Afmælistónleikar - Birthday Concert Heiða
@ Bakkus, Reykjavík
Friday 28. January @ 21:00
Hellvar will release their 2nd Album entitled "Stop That Noise" in 2011.
The band will play songs of this forthcoming album.
Supporting Act Elana from New York
Free Admission

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Heiða, Elvar & Dr. Gunni @ Nordic House Karaoke

Metallica "Master of Puppets" by Heiða & Elvar
The Beatles "Yellow Submarine"by Heiða & Dr. Gunni

Heiða's Best of 2010 / Best of the naughties Albums

Heiða Eiríksdóttir, Hellvar in Reykjavik Grapevine Magazine
Albums of 2010
[1] Nolo - No-lo-fi
[1] Apparat Organ Quartett – Pólýfónía
[1] Prinspóló - Jukk
[1] Ég - Lúxus upplifun
[1] Swords of Chaos - The End Is As Near
As Your Teeth
Albums of 2001-2010
[1] I Adapt - Chainlike Burden
[2] Ghostigital - In Cod We Trust
[3] Skakkamanage - Lab of love
[4] Morðingjarnir - Áfram Ísland
[5] múm – go go smear the poison ivy