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Monday, July 28, 2008

Heiða & Eliza in Popplandmeistarinn í Poppunkti aka Plípp 2008

Today I was listening to the radioshow Poppland of 23. July, which has a music competition this summer with Dr. Gunni as the Quizmaster, called Popplandmeistarinn í Poppunkti 2008 aka Plípp.
On Wednesday @ 10:10 on RUV Radiostation Rás 2
Two of my favorite Icelandic singers were in one team "Kef-lingar", because both are from Iceland's Rocktown Keflavik: Heiða í Unun and now í Hellvar and Elíza Newman. The musical battle was won against the duo Ingó of the band Bahama & Bjössi of Múgsefjun: final score was 17-14.

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