The Fanpage of the Icelandic band Hellvar by Wim Van Hooste

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hellvar @ Iceland Airwaves 2010 Festival

Points on Hellvar you need to know but were afraid to ask:
• Hellvar comes from Keflavík, the Murder capital of Iceland
• Hellvar was a drum machine-based band but has recently recruited a human
• Hellvar has two girls in it
• Hellvar broke some Chinese law while touring in China
• Hellvar sounds weird, especially the music
• Hellvar's debut album is called ‘Bat Out Of Hellvar'
• Hellvar wrote a song with Phillip Glass without telling him
• Hellvar tried to tell Phillip Glass but he never answered
• Phillip Glass receives royalties if you ask your local radio station to play the song ‘Nowhere‘ by Hellvar
• Hellvar is recording a new album to be released in January 2011
• If Hellvar was a restaurant it would serve Kebab and Falafel

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