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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hellvar having fun @ Airwaves '08 festival

Hellvar @ Airwaves
Surrounded all day by crazy Belgian (Flemish) people making photographs & shooting videos & bringing them Belgian Beer & Chocolate.
Heida, Elvar, Alexandra (Sverrir @ home) and me @ Hellvar's Hummer: A new car for their Belgian Tour (?) soon

Alexandra & Elvar tried to drink a beer Ad fundum. Unfortunately they didn't succeed in drinking the cheapest beer in town @ Belly's Café in 1 time (0.5 liter).

Heida @ Belly's

Elvar @ pogo & Flosi on stage the Purrkur Pillnikk tribute band who played @ Grand Rokk venue (famous chess place in Reykjavik). Flosi is a former member (bass) of Hellvar and was also a member of the famous band HAM, one of Björk's favourite Icelandic bands. And also Heida's favourite ...

Elvar on guitar when an old man in the band had to go to the toilet.

Heida while headbanging

Alexandra dancing with the tribute band singer

All photographs were taken by Veerle Van Den Broeck. Dankuwel Veerle.
Lier rocks, but W. Grootaers sucks.

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