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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hellvar @ Kimi Records Space @ Iceland Airwaves '08 Slideshow

Hellvar gave a very private show @ the rehearsal space/Kimi Records office @ Smidjustigur 4a (next to Grand Rokk Venue), Reykjavik.
In the audience: Alex of the band Kimono, Magnus of the band Dyrdin, and Dirk Steenhaut of the Belgian Newspaper De Morgen; he has a long interest in Icelandic music (as me).
For those who unfortunately missed this off-venue gig: here's the slideshow:
Music of the Slideshow is song "Nowhere" (Magnus' favourite track of the Album "Bat out of Hellvar") (Kimi Records release No. 1, anno 2007).
All photographs by Wim Van Hooste.
Artwork provided by Hellvar.

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