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Friday, November 03, 2006

Artist Profile of Hellvar for the Iceland Airwaves 2006 Festival

Artist profile of Hellvar:

Hellvar played in Iceland Airwaves 2005, for the first time, and got fine reviews for that.
Hellvar is a new-wave/electro band, formed in Berlin 2004 as a two-people-and-a-drum-machine. Now they have added Flosi Þorgeirsson, a person, to the line-up relieving the computer from the bass duties. Together with Flosi, Elvar and Heiða have now finished a demo that has been well received, from both pros and laymen.
From there on they started working on a project that had been planned for a year or so. They dwelled in gallery Sudsudvestur in Keflavik for three weeks, from the 12th of December 2005 until the 6th of January 2006, there composing a full record and releasing it in only 20 copies. All songs were made in the space of the gallery, and people off the street were welcome and encouraged to participate in the musical work. The final outcome was 14 songs.
Hellvar is all about love, and no matter how much the forces of evil will try to contaminate the world, they will continue to be so. They are doing a small tour in Berlin this fall, after taking a creative break to add more songs to the repertoire. If you like drum-machines, or if you like electric-guitars, and especially if you like drum-machine and electric-guitars together, then there is no question:

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