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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Indie-mp3 UK

Heiða Eiriksdottir has been a prolific rock musician for many years now, and her voice has often, much to her irritation, been compared to Bjork's. She's from Keflavik, the cradle of rock in Iceland, and her former projects include the band Unun and Heiða og Heiðingjarnir (Heiða and the Heathens), but currently she leads the computer-based rock trio Hellvar along with her spouse Elvar. They have recently acquired the assistance of Flosi from the incomparable rock band Ham and all put together they put on quite a live performance, she with her heavily applied trademark make-up, the guys almost tripping in their goatees, lots of noise, heavy beats and her angelic voice, which in no time can turn to an infernal scream ready to rip out her tonsils, usually not until the last song though, in case that actually happens.

Head to their and be their friends if you like.

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