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Saturday, November 04, 2006

CDs by Heida

The First CD made by Heida was "Svarid" (The Question). This CD was made in the summer of 2000, came out on the Japis Label. Producer was Bibbi Thoroddsen aka Curver. Mixed by Valgeir Sigurdsson - Mastering by Jon Skuggi.

Pictures were taken by one of Icelands most famous photographers Pall Stefansson (for the magazine Iceland Review).

10 songs on this album are:

  1. Hogsjor

  2. Ekkert sé

  3. 104. mars

  4. Silvur

  5. Hvenaer?

  6. Loftborg

  7. L'athéiste

  8. Aesingur

  9. Sé thig alla leid

  10. Svarid

In 2003 Heida & Heidingjarnir released the album "Tiu Fingur Upp Til Guds" (10 Fingers Towards God) on the Geimsteinn Label.

The album consists of 11 songs:

  1. Tango

  2. Can I get your number

  3. Anything is true

  4. Aldrei

  5. Froststilla

  6. Vaengir (engillinn minn)

  7. Sakleysi

  8. Vetur

  9. Ekki kaupa

  10. All tomorrow's parties

  11. Tango - ur sjonvarpssal

The Heidingjarnir are:

  • Birgir Baldursson (drums)

  • Sverrir Asmundsson (bass)

  • Elvar Geir Saevarsson (guitar)

Indeed, number 10 is a cover of the Velvet Underground !

Number 11 was performed at RUV Studio 12 - Recording by Jon Skuggi, Gudmundur Kristinn Jonsson & Hjortur Svavarsson.

The photograph above was taken by Heida.

This picture of Heida & Heidingjarnir was taken by Eva Ros Olafsdottir.

This CD was made in 2002 but came out in 2003 "Sun°Fruit°Grape°Shine", an album that was inspired by Charles Bukowski.

13 songs:

  1. Desperatly trying 1. skipti

  2. Ding Dong

  3. Please

  4. Last call

  5. Walking with the dead

  6. Framvinda

  7. Orgel

  8. What can you do?

  9. Going away

  10. I know you

  11. In the center of the action

  12. Legrorgel

  13. Desperatly trying

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